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Respect customer :

        First of all thank you for chelleson scientific instruments company of trust and support, in order to ensure your rights and interests, and ensure that you more comprehensive enjoy chelleson scientific instruments company meticulous service, please read carefully the following terms and provisions


warning △:

1, environment: the installation area with ventilation equipment, indoor temperature in 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ inside, humidity is 50% ~ 80%. (air-conditioning outlet do not straight to the instrument, prevent sun direct illuminate; no vibration source, strong magnetic field or high voltage; special emphasis on no dust or oil and gas, avoid explosion.)

2, good grounding request, please be sure to test: the zero line-220 V (plus or minus 10%); The ground-220 V (plus or minus 10%); The zero line-ground close to 0 V.

3, in the instrument is not used for a long period, each week at least open a machine, preheat 0.5 1 hour. On rainy damp season (February-June), suggest open 24 hours a wet machine or air conditioning, and timing to empty out dry machine water tank, closed doors and Windows.

4, advice when users change, please promptly to electricity changxin science instruments, paid after training service requirements.

5, please keep the laboratory clean, do not remain in the laboratory of any food.

A sign for the goods,
In order to guarantee your interest, please you cooperate with our company ready to goods arrival state confirmation, and please appoint the responsible for goods receiving.

1, the inventory of the goods to the number of boxes.

2, check the outer packing box. Once found that the packing damage, prevent tilt, the impact of the transportation marks red, please click the following method to deal with:

A. required delivery boy/customs issue 'packaging different shape certificate, or in the goods on the sheet of sign after receiving STH that the packaging of goods condition, and ask the suppliers or the customs agent on the form signature and seal;

B. if possible please use digital camera taking pictures;

C. immediately notify chelleson scientific instruments company. In time to insurance company to report to the police;

3, unpack the point goods. Your agent and my company engineer to present to unpack the inventory of the goods. If your recent no need to install instruments, please inform us. I company engineers will be present with you together of inspection in internal goods, confirm instrument complete and nondestructive before sealing.


Warranty period
The warranty period of the instrument by installation report signature date when a year. In guarantee period, because the quality problem of the instrument produced by the repair, replacement and all parts are free (not including by an operator error operating or natural disasters and cause of the damage of the instrument maintenance cost).

Telephone response: you through the telephone to the company to put forward the changxin service request, my company will in response within 24 hours


Standard warranty commitment outside of the other service consulting services 
chelleson scientific instruments company provide 365 days a year telephone consultation service. During the working time, you can always call consulting company phone changxin country offices call the latest sales, service and product information. Or through the company inquires website, if you have problems in products, also can call service hot line around for help, our engineers will provide you with telephone support. 。

Expand service
Considering the customers for the products of our company have special needs some aspects, we put forward according to the customer the actual need to 'tailor' service concept. You can put forward specific request, we will be the design out your own solution. 'Expand service' of the specific content and price please directly to chelleson scientific instruments company consultation

Exempt from warranty obligations
In order to make your legal rights are protected and avoid unnecessary loss, for the following reasons chelleson the products of the company are the exception or damage, my company does not undertake free warranty obligations.

1, product because of an accident, not proper use or other human factors cause damage;

2, the product of transportation damage (please indicate in the receiving single, and please inform us and insurance company contact);

3, because fire, flood, thunder, earthquake or other events of force majeure cause damage to the machine, and not the product of the provisions in the work environment use (such as the temperature too high, too low, too wet, working environment dirty, voltage is too high or current is not stable, such as ground zero voltage too big, and so on) of the damage caused by machine;

4, due to maintain undeserved (such as mouse, virus infection, water, extrusion) causes of malfunction

BaoWai period
The client can choose single maintenance or year warranty 。

Installation debugging
Please to the sales staff or after-sales service for instrument installation and acceptance against, owing to assist companies in the preparation of the user laboratory, such as power supply, reagents, facilities, qualified experimental environment, etc. Owing to the engineer is responsible for free installation and testing instruments, when both sides sign the acceptance statement, represents the accepted 。

Owing to the engineer installation debugging finished, be responsible for training the operator, to operating personnel master equipment operation and use, and allow the operating personnel understanding instrument maintenance and matters need attention. Owing to the company are held each lecture and user training class, we will provide free two people of training. (transport and accommodation customer care)

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