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Savant Zeeman-effect AAS

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GBC is a world leader in the development and manufacture of atomic absorption spectrometers, with over thirty years of experience in supplying the needs of the global elemental analysis market.
The current range of AA spectrometers includes the superlative SavantAA series, offering fully automated multi-element capabilities for flame, hydride and/or furnace with D2 background correction. The SavantAA Zeeman offers second generation Zeeman Effect Graphite Furnace analyses.
The SensAA range offers touch screen technology whilst the lightweight XplorAA AAS can be controlled by Palm Pilot technology.
For all three AAS ranges there is a complete range of accessories available to further expand the capability of these instruments including graphite furnace system, hydride system, mercury concentrator, lamps and autosamplers.
All controlled by our own fully featured Windows® Vista based software.

State-of-the-Art Zeeman-sffect AAS



The SavantAA Zeeman combines the longitudinal Zeeman-effect with programmable magnetic field strength, transverse heating of the graphite tube and the latest in surface-mount technology to give a uniquely superior graphite furnace atomic absorption instrument.

•Lightning fast background correction.

•Optimal magnetic field strengths are used for each element maximizing sensitivity and dynamic range.

•Self-aligning graphite tubes offer simplicity of operation.

•Programmable gas controls switch gases during the temperature program, allowing different ashing techniques.

•Automatic lamp selection and alignment of the eight lamp turret allows up to twenty elements to be analysed in an unattended, multi-element analysis.

•Built-in Super Lamp capability for 1 or 4 lamps offers improvements in detection limit, sensitivity and calibration linearity.

•High capacity Programmable Auto Sampler PAL 4000 with 60 or 150 sample positions, ten modifier positions and bulk standard positions.

•Innovative design employing radical developments in technology has lead to the introduction of a superior zeeman-effect graphite furnace system. The incorporation of a workhead which delivers a high magnetic field with variable field strength was essential to meet these criteria and surpass the performance of existing technologies.

•8 lamp turret with auto lamp alignment.

•Variable slit width from 0.1 to 2.0 nm in 0.1 nm increments.

•Variable Magnetic Field adjustment from 0.6 to 1.1 Tesla in 0.1 tesla increments.

•Electronic Sample Viewing which allows colour viewing of grahite furnace allowing viewing of sample deposition, sample drying, ashing and atomization.

•USB communications.


The SavantAA Zeeman offers the greatest dynamic range and best detection limits of any zeeman-effect atomic absorption spectrometer. Detection limits that even out perform all axial ICP-OES instruments for crucial elements such as As, Se, Pb, Tl and Sb.

In addition, the SavantAA Zeeman offers the further benefits of reduced operating costs and enhanced productivity. Analyse your samples once and minimize your analysis costs.

This system offers nothing less than unprecedented ease-of-use and superior performance. The SavantAA Zeeman and the SavantAA Windows® Vista based software offer the ultimate combination of power and simplicity.