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Brand: Recipe (Germany德國) 


RECIPE was founded in Munich in 1982 and is one of the leading companies in HPLC and LC-MS/MS diagnostics today.
RECIPE's success in the past 30 years has mainly been defined by the consistent implementation of a customer-oriented, stringent quality policy.
Laboratories in Germany and in more than 60 countries worldwide are successfully using Recipe’s  products.
RECIPE始建於1982年,在慕尼黑。今天,RECIPE 在HPLC和LC-MS/MS診斷領域上擔當著龍頭企業之一的角色。
HPLC Complete kits (高效液相色譜的完整套件)

 ●ClinRep Diagnostics (ClinRep診斷)
     ■ Alcoholism, Drug Abuse (酗酒,藥物濫用)
 ■Biogenic Amines (生物胺)
 ■Diabetes Hemoglobin Testing (糖尿病血色素測試)
 ■Metabolic Diseases (代謝性疾病)
 ■Oxidative Stress (氧化壓力)
 ■Vitamin Status (維生素狀態)
 ●ClinRep Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (ClinRep治療的藥物監測)
 ■Antiarrhythmics (抗心律失常藥物)
 Antiasthmatics (抗氣喘劑)
 Antiepileptic Drugs (抗癲癇藥物)
 Immunsuppressants (免疫系統抑制劑)
 Psychoactive Drugs (精神科藥物)
 ClinTox Human Biomonitoring (ClinTox人類生物監測)
 Benzene and Benzene Derivatives (苯和苯的衍生物)
 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) (多環芳香烴)

LC-MS/MS (液相色譜 - 質譜/質譜)
● ClinMass LC-MS/MS Complete Kits (ClinMass液相色譜 - 質譜/質譜套件)
 ■Alcoholism (酗酒)
 ■Immunosuppressants (免疫系統抑制劑)
 ■Psychoactive Drugs (精神科藥物)
 ■Vitamin-Status (維生素狀態)
 ●ClinMass LC-MS/MS Applications (ClinMass液相色譜 - 質譜/質譜應用)
 ■Metabolic Diseases (代謝性疾病)
 ■Nicotine and –Metabolites (尼古丁及代謝物)
 ●ClinMass Optimisation Mixes and Internal Standards (ClinMass的優化混合和內部標準)

Quality Assurance (質量保證)

ClinTest Standard- and Test Solutions(Clin ClinCal Calibrators  Test標準和測試解決方案)


●ClinCal Calibrators


◆Urine Calibrators, Lyophilised (尿液的校準,凍乾)
◆ Serum Calibrators, Lyophilised (血清的校準,凍乾)

◆Plasma Calibrators. Lyophilised (血漿的校準,凍乾)
◆Whole Blood Calibrators, Lyoph. / *Ready for use (全血的校準,凍乾/*隨時使用)


    ■ ClinChek Controls                 
 ■Urine Controls, Lyophilised (尿液的控制,凍乾)
 ■Serum Controls, Lyoph. / *ready for use (血清的控制,凍乾/*隨時使用)
 ■Plasma Controls, Lyophilised (血漿的控制,凍乾)
 ■Whole Blood Controls, Lyoph. / * Ready for use (全血的控制,凍乾/*隨時使用)

HPLC Instruments (高效液相色譜儀器)
● ClinLab HPLC Instruments (ClinLab HPLC儀器)

HPLC Instruments (高效液相色譜儀器)
● ClinLab HPLC Instruments (ClinLab HPLC儀器)

  ■Autosampler (自動進樣器)          

    ■ Degasser  

■Degasser   (脫氣) 

    ■    Detectors    (檢測器)


  HPLC-Pumps 


● Chromatography Software (色譜軟件)
 ■Software (軟件)
 ■Software-extension modules (軟件擴展模塊)
 ■Control modules (控制模塊)
 ■Hardware (硬件)

HPLC Accessories (高效液相色譜配件)
● ClinRep Reagents for Chromatography (ClinRep色譜試劑)
■ Reagents for Passivation (試劑鈍化)
■ Solvents for Chromatography (色譜溶劑)
■ Sample Preparation Columns (樣品製備色譜柱)
● ClinLab HPLC Accessories (ClinLab高效液相色譜配件)
■ Tubings, Fittings and Helpful Tools (管類,配置和有用的工具)
■ Accessories for Autosampler- and Sample Vials (自動進樣器配件和樣品瓶)


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