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SFT9200 Coating Thickness Gauge

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SFT9200 Series, Fluorescent X-ray (XRF) Coating Thickness Gauge


[Main Features of SFT9200]
1. Successor to the SFT 3000 series
2. Film Analysis FP software enables highly precise measurement of coating thickness even with contoured samples .
3. Collision prevention sensor makes contoured samples safe to use
4. Easy focus operation with the laser focus mechanism
5. Easy to observe microscopic areas, equipped with four-step zoom (option)
6. Focus distance toggle mechanism enables measurement of low area in a sample with height
7. Incident lighting makes samples easier to view



Type SFT9250 SFT9255
Elements Atomic No. 22(Ti) to 83(Bi)
Atomic No. 21 or less can be measured by the absorption method
X-ray source Small Air-cooled X-ray tube (Be window)
Voltage: 45kV
Current: 1mA
Detector Proportional Counter
Collimator Round: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3mm
Rectangular: 0.2 x 0.05, 0.05 x 0.2mm
Options: Round 25, 50µm Rectangular 25 x 200µm
Sample Observation CCD camera
Sample image focus Laser Pointer
Filter Primary filter: Al, automatic switching
Secondary filter: Co, automatic switching

      (Stage size )



         (Traveling )

640(W) x 810D) x 900(H)mm X:220mm, Y:150mm, Z:150mm 930(W) x 860D) x 900(H)mm X:400mm, Y:300mm, Z:50mm 680(W) x 810D) x 900(H)mm X:700mm, Y:600mm, Z:15mm
Controller Desktop Computer with 19 inch LCD monitor
Application Software Thin Film FP (All types of thin films: Max 5 layers,10 elements per layer), Calibration
Data Process Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Word
Safety Functions: Sample door interlock, Crash protection function

• Coating solution analysis (Bulk Calibration)
• Bulk FP method (Material component analysis)
• Spectrum matching software (Material ID)
• Mapping (Intensity surface analysis multi point display) software

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