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SFT-110 Coating Thickness Gauge

From:   Author:   Date:2011-11-07  

For semiconductor materials, electronic components, automotive and other fields requiring plating and deposition, thickness and composition control are essential for maintaining quality and functionality as well as for reducing cost of the end product. SIINT originally created the first Japanese high-speed, non-contact precision measurement XRF Coating thickness meter in 1971, and since then has installed a total of 6,000 units developing it's strong user base for foreign and domestic markets.

The newest addition to the SIINT product line addresses the need for higher through-put with the XRF Coating Thickness Gauge SFT-110 with all new Auto-positioning Function. This Auto-positioning Function enables focus of the sample observation to be done within a few seconds, simply by placing a sample on the stage. Subsequently, drastically higher through-put can be realized as the operation will not require manual adjustment of focus for each sample.

In addition, needs in recent years have trended towards smaller and smaller components. SFT-110 has enhanced small beam measurement capability with high-sensitivity X-ray, improving measurement precision with small-spot collimators (0.1, 0.2mm). In combination with the Thin Film FP software, measurement of a maximum 5 layers or 10 element multi-layer or alloy plating can be measured without standard substances, encompassing a wide range of applications. SII NanoTechnology Inc. through diverse product development continues to support quality management as well as compliance to environmental restrictions through X-ray technology.

[Main Features of SFT-110]
1. Auto-positioning Function for Increased Through-put

Focus adjustment which previously needed 10 seconds, can now be done in less than 3 seconds, drastically improving productivity.

2. Improved Plating Thickness Measurement for Small-spot
Minimized distance of X-ray optics and sample as well as other improvements, have allowed for increased precision of plating thickness measurement of small spot (0.1, 0.2mm)

3. Maximum 5 layer Measurement
Thin Film FP software allows for a maximum 5 layer or 10 element measurement, without the need for standard substances.

4. Wide Area Observation System (Option)
Measurement point丂can be set from a maximum 250 x 200mm sized sample, viewed at one time.

5. Large Size PCB Configuration (Option)
Large size PCB of 600 x 600mm can be measured.


Type                       SFT-110                                                  
Elements Atomic Numbers 22(Ti) to 83(Bi)
X-ray source Air-cooled small X-Ray Tube
Voltage : 50kV
Current: 1mA
Detector Proportional Counter
Collimator Round. 0.1mm, 0.2 and two other types
 Sample Observation  CCD camera (with wide view system)
 Sample image focus  Laser Pointer
 Filter   Primary filter automatic switching

       (Stagesize )

Sample Stage

           (Traveling )

 500(W) x 400(D) x 150(H)mm
X:250mm, Y:200mm
 Controller  Desktop Computer with 19 inch LCD Monitor
 Application Software  Thin Film FP (All types of thin films: Max 5 layers,10 elements per layer), Calibration
 Data Process  Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Word
 Safety Functions:  Sample door interlock, Sample crash prevention mechanism, Diagnostic Function

• Mapping software
• Bulk FP method (Material component analysis)
• Bulk Calibration method (Coating solution analysis)