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SEA1200VX XRF Analyzer

From:   Author:   Date:2011-11-07  

High Senditivity Element Monitor
Type SEA1200VX


Overview Meeting both demands for screening inspection for compliance with RoHS/ELV and advanced analysis. Equipped with the unique XRF detector "Vortex", that features high resolution, high sensitivity and high count rate, SEA1200VX remarkably improves its sensitivity. Combination with precision control software greatly shortens measurement time.

[Main Features of SEA1200VX]
1. Phenominal High Speed Analysis (High Sensitivity)

Measuring time can be greatly shortened to an average one tenth the time of conventional method by combining the high count rate detector and precision control software.

2. LN2 Less High Count Rate Detector
Newly equipped world's best class high count rate (150,000cps) detector "Vortex" that does not require LN2 greatly surpasses conventional detectors in sensitivity and resolution.

3. Newly Developed Uni Filter (Optional)
Five RoHS restricted elements can be measured at one time using a single composite filter, achieving even shorter measuring times that the already rapid measuring time of the SEA1200VX.

4. Wide Range of Application
Measurement of Na to U element is possible by conducting measurement in vacuum atmosphere. (Light Element Option) Also supports highly sensitive analysis of Cl.

5. Micro Spot Analysis
Micro spot qualitative and quantitative analysis with a 1mm X-ray beam anywhere on a printed circuit board.

6. Sample Changer (Optional)
enables continuous measurement of up to 12 samples that require different measurement conditions. Large samples of up to 430 x 320mm in size can also be measured sinply by being placed in the chamber.




 Atomic nos. 13 (Al) to 92 (U)                                                                          
Sample State Solid / Powder / Liquid                     
X-ray source Small Air-cooled X-ray tube (Rh target)
Voltage: 15kV, 30kV, 40kV, 50kV
Current: 1mA
X-ray direction Bottom-up Irradiation
 Detector  Si semiconductor detector (No liquid nitrogen required)
 Analysis area (beam size)  1mm, 5mm
Electric switching
 Sample Observation  Color CCD camera
 Chamber  370 (W) x 320 (D) X 155 (H) mm
 Filter  4 filters automaticc switching
 Controller  Laptop or Desktop
 Qualitative functions  Spectrum measurement, Auto-ID, Comparison display
 Quantitative functions  KLM marker display, Subtraction display, Bulk (FP) CAL, Calibration
 Data Process  Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Word
 Power requirements (Main Unit)  AC100V to 120V, 200-240V ±10%, 5A.

• HSEASY (Precision control software)
• Spectrum Matching Software (Material Discrimination)
• Film Analysis (CAL) Software
• Sample Changer (turret)
• 3mm Colimeter
• Vacuum Pump (Light element analysis)
• Standard Reference Samples
• UNI Filter