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SEA1000S XRF Analyzer

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Hazardous Substance Monitor
Type SEA1000S



Overview SEA1000S is a dedicated machine that easily, quickly and non-destructively detects cadmium, lead, mercury and other hazardous substances banned by the enforcement of the RoHS directive. Since a detector needs no liquid nitrogen is installed in this device, it does not require the hassles of periodic refilling, and operates simply with electric power in plants where liquid nitrogen may be in short supply.

[Main Features of SEA1000S]
1. No LN2 Required
Equipped with electronic coolin, no liquid nitrogen required. Noworries about the cost, safety, and supply of liquid nitrogen.
2. High Sensitivity
Fluorexcent X-rays are efficiently detected by employing a large area detector and minimizing distance between sample and detector.
3. High Precision (built-in peak separation software)
Deconvolution of spectrum difficult to separate is possible with the new digital peak deconvolution software (DPD) and Si (Li) detector
4. Large Sample Chamber
Large chamber that can easlily contain a laptop computer. 370(w) x 320(D) x 155(H)mm.
5. Easy Operation
Operation is easy for anybody. different language version of operation software including Engligh, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean are available.
6. Sample Changer
Maximum 12 samples can be continuously measured with optional sample changer.



 Atomic nos. 13 (Al) to 92 (U)                                                                          
Sample State Solid / Powder / Liquid                     
X-ray source Small Air-cooled X-ray tube (Rh target)
Voltage: 15kV, 30kV, 40kV, 50kV
Current: 1mA
X-ray direction Bottom-up Irradiation
 Detector  Si semiconductor detector (No liquid nitrogen required)
 Analysis area (beam size)  1mm, 5mm
Electric switching
 Sample Observation  Color CCD camera
 Chamber  370 (W) x 320 (D) X 155 (H) mm
 Filter  4 filters automaticc switching
 Controller  Laptop or Desktop
 Qualitative functions  Spectrum measurement, Auto-ID, Comparison display
 Quantitative functions  KLM marker display, Subtraction display, Bulk (FP) CAL, Calibration
 Data Process  Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Word
 Power requirements (Main Unit)  AC100V to 120V, 200-240V ±10%, 5A.


• HSEASY (Precision control software)
• Spectrum Matching Software (Material Discrimination)
• Standard Reference Samples
• Sample Changer (turret) 

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