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PrimacsSN TN/Protein Analyzer

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PrimacsSN Total Nitrogen / Protein Analyzer



Food & Animal feed
Animal feed and other food products are analyzed for several reasons, such as monitoring product quality and compliancy with official regulations. Also the analysis of protein, through the measurement of Nitrogen, is used as a marker for the nutritional quality of food products. The PrimacsSN is the perfect solution for accurate and rapid testing in laboratories,

processing a wide

variety of nutritional samples.

Grain & Seed
Nitrogen is a useful indicator of the protein content in grain and seed. The amount of protein determines the nutritive value and quality of the crop. Skalar’s PrimacsSN not only offers an
accurate and reliable system for Nitrogen analysis, but also complete automation of sample testing is provided.

Soil & Plant
Soil testing is done to determine the level of nutrients in soil available for plants. The Nitrogen levels indicate soil composition during and after harvest. With Skalar’s PrimacsSN analyzer the determination of Total Nitrogen can be performed both rapidly and easily.

Industrial waste
In waste samples such as sludge, nitrogen analysis is important for pollution control. Ammonium, Nitrate, Nitrite and other Nitrogen compounds can serve as a nutrient source for troublesome water organisms. The PrimacsSN offers a fast and consistent determination of Nitrogen levels in both solid and liquid industrial waste.

Other applications
Fishmeal – Sediments – Sludge – and more Applications

Skalar has many years of experience developing applications for a variety of industries. Successful integration into production processes and professional after sales services are essential and part of our success. Skalar’s PrimacsSN analyzer is designed for Total Nitrogen (TN) and Protein analysis in a wide variety of sample types. The PrimacsSN is based on the well-proven DUMAS high temperature combustion technology, which is in full accordance with international standard regulations such as AOAC, ASBC, AOCS, AACC and does not require extensive manual sample pretreatment. Optionally the PrimacsSN analyzer can be extended to include the analysis of Total Carbon (TC) to then allow the determination of TC and TN simultaneously.

The Skalar PrimacsSN analyzer is designed to measure Total Nitrogen / Protein in a variety of solid and/or liquid samples using the DUMAS combustion technology.
DUMAS technique
The Dumas combustion method has several advantages over the Kjeldahl technique in terms of speed and its environmental acceptability. In addition the Dumas method does not require any additional sample pretreatment such as digestion with toxic chemicals.

The large sample size capacity of this instrument ensures reduced sample handling time and optimal automation. Detection is based on thermal conductivity. TCD detectors are able to process an extensive working range to cover nitrogen/protein levels from low parts per million to high percentage concentrations.

The DUMAS combustion technology offers an accurate, rapid, safe, economical and environmentally friendly method for Nitrogen / Protein determination.

Principle of operation
The analysis on the PrimacsSN Total Nitrogen / Protein analyzer is performed in a few steps:The sample is weighed in a quartz crucible and placed into the auto-sampler. The crucible is re-usable, which significantly lowers the cost-per-analysis. The sample weight is automatically transferred from the balance into the worklist in the software, avoiding any transcription errors.

By a unique vertical “bottom-to-top” sample introduction system solid and/or liquid samples are combusted at high temperature. Nitrogen is converted into NxOy in presence of Oxygen. Due to the vertical sample introduction, the ashes remain in the crucible and are taken out of the instrument with removal of the crucible. This avoids sample ash build-up in the combustion zone and therefore reduces maintenance.

After the catalyst furnace, where the oxidation reaction is activated, the sample passes the Peltier cooler to remove moisture formed by condensation. A fraction of the sample gas is transferred, by a sample splitter, to the reduction oven by the carrier gas Helium. With the presence of a copper reductor, the resulting Nitrogen oxides (NxOy) are reduced to elemental Nitrogen while the by-products, water and Carbon Dioxide are completely removed.

The remaining N2 gas is measured by Thermal Conductivity Detection (TCD) and a background correction is performed by measuring the He gas. This will eliminate background interference.

Data Acquisition and Instrument Control

The PrimacsSN analyzer is controlled by the SN-Access software. It has been developed as an easy-to-learn and user-friendly program. Using pull-down menus for different actions it allows the operator to start analysis within a few minutes.

During analysis the worklist can be modified, to enable the addition of priority samples, deleting samples or editing sample positions.

The software always displays real-time information such as temperatures and detector signals, which is of major importance for reliable elemental analysis.

SN-Access software features

•User defined alarm levels can be set for unattended safe operation

•User defined access levels to prevent unauthorized actions

•Raw data files are stored separately from data handling and data modification files

•Real-time graphs of analysis integration data for calibration and sample data

•For simultaneous Carbon and Nitrogen measurements both channels can be displayed in one screen as well as in separate screens

•Availability of peak editing mode, during or after analysis, for optimizing analysis data before reporting

•Export of analyzed data to other locations and to LIMS systems

•Storage of calibration curves and automatic “best curve” selection

Features and Benefits

The PrimacsSN is the perfect tool for Total Nitrogen analysis in a wide range of sample types. The system is optimized to fit into routine daily operation for various industries.
Features and Benefits

Fully automated system with the latest technologies incorporated

High sample throughput

Sample weights up to 1 g of solid material can be applied
• Integrated random access carousel auto-sampler with unique vertical sample introduction system
• Analysis of liquid samples possible by a 3-step water removal
• Back flush system to remove ambient air for accurate low level analysis
• Low cost-per-sample analysis because of re-usable crucibles and low consumption of combustion and carrier gas
• Sample ash removal automatically from combustion zone after each sample analysis
• Minimum downtime for maintenance interventions
• Gas flow control by mass flow meters
• Results within minutes
• Simultaneous nitrogen and carbon analysis
• In compliance with ISO-13878, AOAC-990.03, AOAC-992.15, ASBC, AOCS Ba 11-65, AACC 46-30, and others

Simultaneous Total Carbon & Nitrogen detection with the PrimacsSNC Analyzer
The Skalar PrimacsSN can be extended for the analysis of Total Carbon by addition of an optional NDIR detector, which allows TC and TN determination at the same time. The analysis of Carbon and Nitrogen is important in for example soil characterization. The analysis takes place in one unit using high temperature catalytic combustion. Results of both analyses are obtained in parallel for each element with the SN-Access software.