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The PrimacsSLC Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer provides a solution for true TOC analysis on solid and liquid samples. The analyzer is equipped with a unique sample handling device. This allows the user to determine the Total Carbon (TC) concentration as well as the Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) concentration in a wide variety of samples such as soil, plant, solid waste, cement and even strong acid and alkaline solutions. The software automatically calculates the TOC by subtraction (TOC = TC – TIC).

The TC is analyzed by high temperature combustion at temperatures up to 1050°C. The carbon present is oxidized to carbon dioxide (CO2) and dispersed into the carrier gas. After passing a Peltier cooler for moisture removal and a scrubber system, the CO2 is measured by Non Dispersive Infrared detection (NDIR). TIC is analyzed successively by automatic acidification and purging. The inorganic carbon is then converted into CO2 and measured.
The PrimacsSLC is equipped with an automatic back flush system, to avoid contamination of ambient air during analysis. Furthermore, it includes a vertical sample introduction system. This reduces maintenance of the system as the ashes, formed during the combustion, remain in the sample crucible. Also it prevents the direct contact of samples with the catalyst and the combustion tube.


•Measurement of TC, TIC and TOC

•Dual furnace design

•Back flush system for accurate low level analysis

•Re-usable quartz crucibles

•Sample weights up to 3 grams

•Automatic balance interfacing

•Unique vertical bottom-to-top sample

Typical applications:

•Waste water

•Sludges and sediments

•Soil, Plant and Fertilizer samples

•Cement industry

• Mining industry

• Water with a high content of solid particles

•Swab sampling

•Strong acids and alkaline solutions

General Characteristics

•Analytes :Total Carbon, Total Inorganic Carbon, Total Organic Carbon

•Method :High temperature catalytic combustion, with Infra Red Detection (NDIR)

•Samples: Solid and liquid samples - Soil, plant, sediment, sludge, waste, swab method for cleaning validation etc


Sample introduction Features:

•Unique vertical bottom to top sample introduction system

•Automatic balance interfacing

•Back flush system for accurate low level analysis

•Re-usable quartz crucibles

•Complies with international regulations such as ISO 10694, EN 13137 and EN 13639


Operational and Performance Characteristics

•Measuring range :0.001 – 100%

•Analytical Range :0.005 – 120 mg C Absolute

•Analysis time :Approx. 3 - 5 minutes

•Sample size Solid samples: up to 3 gram (100-500 mg nominal)

•Liquid samples: up to 1000 mg (µl)

•Furnace Temperature: 1050°C

•Reproducibility :< 2 % RSD, FSD (full scale deflection)

•Data processing Area calculation