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Formacsseries TOC/TN Analyzer

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 Formacsseries Total Organic Carbon &Total Nitrogen Analyzers




Skalar’s FormacsHT TOC / TN Analyzer

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) in liquid samples using high temperature catalytic combustion. The units are designed to measure and handle the concentration of nitrogen and / or carbon fractions from various sample matrices.

The instrument is supplied customized for the sample type and optimized from a range of different catalysts and operation temperatures allowing the analysis of all carbon and nitrogen fractions present in the sample. The fractions can be measured sequentially or simultaneously with automated sample pretreatments such as acidification and purging.

A variety of options and accessories are available, including the PrimacsMCS add-on module for carbon determination in solid materials,
the ND20 Total Nitrogen detector and the possibility of measuring nitrates and nitrites to provide a true Kjeldahl alternative.

The FormacsHT analyzer meets the latest requirements for any laboratory from low level up to extended high concentration ranges.

Applicable for:
• Drinking water
• Waste water
• Surface water
• Sea water
• High saline waters
• Process control
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Soil extracts
• Others

Principle of operation
Inorganic Carbon (TIC). Total Carbon (TC) is obtained by injection of the sample into a high temperature combustion furnace. TC is converted to carbon dioxide at temperatures up to 950°C by catalytic oxidation. The carbon dioxide formed is subsequently dispersed into the carrier gas and the CO2 concentration is measured by a non-dispersive infrared detector (NDIR). Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) is determined by injecting the sample into a reactor containing acid, converting inorganic carbon to carbon dioxide. The NDIR measures the carbon dioxide concentration formed
during acidification. The TOC is calculated by automatically subtracting the TIC from the TC.

In addition, Non Purgeable Organic Carbon (NPOC) can be measured by automatic acidification and purging of the sample. Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) and the Purgeable Organic Carbon (POC) are removed. NPOC remains in the sample and can be measured directly by injecting the sample into the high temperature combustion furnace. The NPOC equals the TOC if the POC concentration is insignificant (TOC = NPOC + POC).

The FormacsHT analyzer can be operated as standalone analyzer. A random access auto sampler
is available for complete automation. The auto sampler allows homogenization and acidification &
purging of the following sample while analyzing the current one, which saves valuable analysis time. The NPOC sample pretreatment is fully controlled by the software and auto sampler, this pretreatment can be set in a preferred mode by the operator.

• Stand-alone TOC operation or with auto-sampler
• Homogenization by automated stirring (rod or magnetic)
• Robust rotary septumless injection ports
• Integrated Peltier cooler for optimum moisture removal
• Large variety of vial sizes including septum-closed vials
• Allows a true system blank analysis
• Method according to EPA 415.1, Standard Methods 5310B, DIN 38409 H3, ASTM D-5173, USP <643>, EU 2.2.44,ISO 8245, EN 1484, USEPA 9060A


TN & TKN analysis



The ND20 detector can be added to the FormacsHT Analyzer for Total Nitrogen (TN) analysis. A wide concentration range of TN can be measured with high accuracy in a short analysis time using chemiluminescence detection (CLD).

The sample is injected into the high temperature furnace where it is catalytically combusted at 850°C. Oxidative pyrolysis causes the chemically bound nitrogen to be converted to nitric oxide (NO). In the ND20 detector, nitric oxide (NO) reacts to form metastable nitrogen dioxide. The photons emitted from the rapid decay of the metastable nitrogen dioxide are detected by a photomultiplier tube.

The FormacsHT analyzer also provides a unique cost-effective and safer alternative for Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) analysis, by an integrated NN-reactor for the analysis of NO3 + NO2 (NN).

The TKN value is determined in two steps, i.e. the analysis of Total Nitrogen (TN) and the analysis of NO3 + NO2 via chemical reduction, where NO3 and NO2 are reduced to nitric oxide (NO) and detected via CLD detection. The TKN value is obtained automatically by subtraction: TKN = TN – NN.

This unique alternative method of TKN analysis results in a very fast analysis time (5 min.), and eliminates the use of hazardous digestion acids. The FormacsHT TOC/TN analyzer combines the automation of TOC, TN and TKN all in one system.

• Simultaneous TOC and TN measurements
• CLD detector for analysis of TN and NO2 + NO3
• Excellent alternative for Total Kjeldahl Analysis
• Low detection limits
• Fast analyses using no hazardous reagents
• No sample preparation required
• Wide dynamic range
• Low maintenance unit
• Method according to EN 12260, ISO 11905-2, ASTM D5176-91, DIN 38409 H27


PrimacsMCS TOC module for solid samples



The PrimacsMCS add-on module is designed for analyzing solid materials and operates in combination with the Skalar Formacsseries liquid sample TOC analyzers, offering an economical solution for laboratories handling a large variety of sample matrices.
The unit consists of two integrated reactors for both Total Carbon (TC) and Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) analysis without any sample preparation. The TC is determined by catalytic oxidation of the sample at 1100°C, which converts the carbon to CO2. TIC is determined by acidification of the sample in a separate reactor, which converts inorganic carbon to CO2. The PrimacsMCS uses the multi-range NDIR detector of the Formacsseries for the detection of CO2. The PrimacsMCS analyses TC, TIC and TOC. The software calculates the TOC concentration of the samples by subtraction -
(TC - TIC = TOC).

• Automatic balance interfacing
• Sample weights up to 3 grams
• Range of 1 mg to 40 mg absolute carbon
• Unique vertical sample introduction system
• Reusable quartz sample crucibles
• Economical concept
• Requires minimal bench space
• Integrated TC and TIC reactors
• No sample pretreatment required
• Method according ISO 10649, ISO 13137,EN 13639 , EPA 415.1, ASTM D-2579 US EPA 9060A


TOC & TN Software

Different access levels are available to prevent unauthorized operation. In the sample table the analysis sequence canbe defined allowing the selection of injection volume, type of analysis (TC, TIC, TOC, NPOC, TN and NN), stirring, and acidification & purging. Samples and standards can be set individually as they may vary, or can be entered as a groupbatch method.

During the run the real-time peak information and results are displayed in multiple view screens. When Carbon and Nitrogen are analyzed simultaneously, the real-time graphics either provides visualization for both analyses or individually.

Results are automatically calculated during the analysis. An unlimited number of calibration curves can be stored for calculation. The software automatically selects the best-fitting curve. When priority samples need to be analyzed the sampletable can be expanded and edited during analysis.

Analysis results can be exported to LIMS or Excel, including the statistical data of the analysis such as the calibration curve, CV values and average concentrations. Export and print layouts can be custom-made.

Software Features
• Full data protection
• Real-time diagnostics
• Real-time editing function
• Integrated alarm settings and alarm actions
• Automatic blank correction
• Automatic start-up and shut-down procedure
• Zooming and re-scaling possible on graphics screens
• Possible to include/exclude areas and do a recalculation
• 21CFR part 11 compliant