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Primary Standard Calibrators

From:   Author:   Date:2011-11-03  

SKC Defender. Built on next generation DryCal technology.
Built on next-generation DryCal® technology, the new Defender primary standard pump calibrators integrate all the advantages of the popular DC-Lite calibrator with exciting new features based on 10 years of product feedback and ongoing research.
Defender calibrators were designed exclusively for the occupational health and safety industry. With a choice of 3 wide flow ranges, Defender can be used for accurate calibration of personal air samplers and other volumetric instruments. The advanced 520 model includes automatic features for enhanced audit trail.
The integrated temperature sensors and pressure transducers are directly in the flow stream to record ambient conditions of the calibration process. An ideal three-in-one calibrator, the Defender 520 provides an enhanced audit trail — volumetric flow, temperature, and pressure - without the need for additional instrumentation.

• Highly accurate and repeatable
• Choice of 3 wide flow ranges
• Easy menu system allows users to control type of reading, time interval between readings, number of readings in an average and display units
• Integrated serial PC interface and Optimizer Software for data transfer to PC
• 520 models include automatic temperature and pressure sensors for enhanced audit trail
• RoHS compliant-lead free components
• Large illuminated graphical display
• Improved internal valve design
• Sleek new molded case design